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Introducing PJ Hart

Some have noticed and remarked on the fact that all of the new writers I’ve introduced so far are young women. Well, those of you that have low, suspicious natures will be relieved to note that PJ Hart, our fourth and final new writer, is in possession of both X and Y chromosomes. PJ comes to us from Belfast, Northern Ireland (thus bringing Fleen closer to the dream of worldwide domination), where he’s a student in Film and English and helps run a movie making society. Any one of those things should make him nigh-irresistable to the fairer sex, but add in that accent? Ladies, please! One at a time!

Everybody say hello to PJ!

HEY PJ. Welcome to the OMG WE HAVE TO POST A LOT club. :D

Yay! Go us!

Also Gary, That is *not* Belfast!!

Welcome PJ ! Good luck and good writing.

Welcome PJ, it’s nice to have some man genes around

Welcome PJ, it’s nice to have some man genes around

Gary, of course, doesn’t count, seeing as his man-genes are entirely overshadowed by his moustache-genes.

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