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Every Time Guido Sings An Angel Gets Its Wings

You know how there are certain friends who have their inside jokes, and no matter how hard you try, you will never understand the punch lines? I feel like the outsider peering on Guido and Luigi. When I first came across this comic, I was excited to see what it had to offer. The cartoonish art style, the simple punch lines; I was expecting comedy gold.

What I received instead was lame joke after crippled joke centered on body building. Seriously? You’re going to dedicate an entire strip to two wimpy dudes going to a gym? Now I shouldn’t be too harsh, since this comic is brand new off the presses, as of March. It also began in a Norwegian weight lifting forum, which isn’t the typical web comic community that most artists are familiar with.

Having that said, this comic is not worth the effort. The art is simple, dull, and has no unique style whatsoever. The writing is flat, as are the characters. The set up for the jokes are obvious, and the punch lines made me grimace in disappointment. I honestly gave it the old college try when it came to finding this web comic funny, but I just ended up feeling defeated, and just a little empty inside.

I think it’s terrible for you to pick on the little guy this way.

Linking to a comic only to completely savage it isn’t going to win you many friends. Even if it is as crap as you say what makes you think we want to hear about it? In essence you’re linking to a comic specifically to tell us not to bother reading it because it sucks. This might be helpful if we were paying to read the comic but we aren’t.

In future if you’re going to criticise a webcomic here are two suggestions:
a) Be constructive. Identify what you feel the author is doing wrong and suggest ways in which they could improve.
b) Don’t be such a dick! You can be critical of a comic without coming off as a massive toolbag.

In the future, I’d suggest you completely ignore anyone who tries to tell you what to write or how to do it.

I was actually making a joke at my own expense with my earlier comic.

Earlier ‘comic’, huh?

Horus, I’m deeply sorry you were forced to read a review you didn’t like. It must be difficult for you, strapped down on a computer chair with your eyes taped open. How about I buy you some saline solution, will that help with the crankiness?

You have no idea how tired I was when I wrote that.

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