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Sarcasm Is Delicious

Nazi Polka and sandwich-fueled murder is what I love about Muffin Time. Brian Chojnowski’s brain has spawned a web comic full of fun, bright, and slightly-offensive humor portrayed in the usual three delicious panels. I’ve always had a penchant for weird, disturbing humor with beautiful artwork and quirky characters.

That’s why I’ve decided to give Muffin Time the mention I think it deserves. The humor can be hit-and-miss at times, which is common for web-comics still developing its niche in the web-o-sphere. But when you take in account that the strip has recently been revamped with a new art style, it is truly impressive how much it has grown since its beginnings.

Going through the archives, I’ve found numerous scrumptious strips featuring tasty dialogue on Andre 3000, apricots, and the ever-lasting gobstopper that is Jesus. Muffin Time offers its own book, bountiful downloads, and forums where one can chat about zombie communists and whatnot. Just watch out for those katamari, they can be hard on the digestive system.

Muffin Time is truly awesome. I read it every day.

Yes, I know it only updates Monday and Friday.

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