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Introducing Sommer Leinbach

When I think “determined”, I think of Sommer Leinbach. Valiantly clinging to the hardscrabble prairie of Omaha, Nebraska while maintaining a collegiate career would harden most people, but Sommer still finds tenderness in her heart for her two cats and her boyfriend. Working in a hospital might grind down most people with the neutral colors, antiseptic smells, and complete lack of cynical smartass geniuses, but Sommer perserveres. And arguing both politics and Battlestar Galactica would get you pegged by most people as a complete geek, but Sommer … okay, you probably got her on that one. Anyway, she’s our second new writer here at Fleen.

Everybody say hello to Sommer!

And with that, Gary begins his three-month vacation…

So now the site will get updated about 6 times a day?

Congrats Sommer, glad to be working together.

I feel like I must also point out that that is not me in the picture. I’ve gotten several questions from friends asking why there’s a picture of someone else there. It’s not me, but thanks for playing!

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