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Introducing Kate Ditzler

Truth be told, I’m not sure that Kate Ditzler even exists. Oh, sure, there were entries in the Win A Gig At Fleen contest, and there’s been email between us, but it could have all been an elaborate setup. “Kate” (if that is “her” real name) claims to be single, 19, a student at Michigan State, studying International Relations and Social Relations. That sounds an awful lot like the stereotypical “internet girlfriend” that lonely nerds might make up … the only trick missed is that she’s not from Canada! But wait, “Kate” claims to be heading to London next year to continue her studies via an internship! Oh, sure, I’d like for you to meet my new writer, but she lives in another country!

The only question is, who is “Kate” exactly? An amazing life-like simulation? Or somebody claiming to be her in order to engage in nefarious purposes from inside the Fortress of Fleen? I can only think of one person well-versed enough in webcomics, with layers of influence throughout the land, and even experienced in writing from the POV of a teenage female: T Campbell, you’re busted!

Or maybe not. Everybody say hello to Kate!

Quel frommage, Katie!

Okay, admit it Gary. You just wanted to surround yourself with women. Even if one of them might be a computer simulation.

Also: Welcome, kate.exe!

just wait till tomorow :P

Welcome Kate! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of us new writers are girls. We must have dazzled with our giant vocabularies and wild wit.

Thanks guys! :D I like the air of mystery.

Please don’t all you new writers be as prolific as Gary. I can’t read that many essays a day. I read comics because pictures are easier than words.

Cleverly, I have obtained the services of writers who have different schedules and sleep patterns. The goal is that any time you come by Fleen (Monday through Friday), ideally there will be something new to read.

A bat! A cat! Koala bear and dog!

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