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Fleen Book Corner: Getting Your Book Reviewed

So there have been a couple of offers from creators to send review copies of books ’round here at Fleen Central, and I figure that there will be more in future, so this seems like a good time to make public our policies regarding book reviews.

  1. We aren’t going to ask for free copies, but we aren’t going to turn them down, either. 
  2. If you want to send a review copy, hit the “Contact Us” link, which will send your email to everybody on the writing staff.
  3. The writer calling dibs will contact you with mailing details. As we’re spread out around the country (and world), there’s not going to be one address to send things to.
  4. Sending us a book for free does not obligate us to write a review.
  5. It’s possible that your book has already been bought or pre-ordered by everybody with an interest in it; if you want to send us a copy in that case, we’ll hold a contest to give it away.
  6. After the review, we retain the right to do anything we like with the book, including but not limited to: origami experimentation, eBay for fun and profit, using it to line litter boxes or birdcages, passing it on to friends, leaving it on the train or bus for a random stranger to pick up, donating it to a library/school/prison, or tossing it in the recycling bin.

Thanks for your time and kind understanding.

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