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Upcoming Books

We’re a bit behind on some of this, so thanks for your kind indulgence, etc. Couple of books to mention today, in case you hadn’t heard of them.

Up first, Dorothy Gambrell, of the delightfully J. Ottoesque New Adventures of Death (Modern Tales subscription required, at least for now) and the weirdly twisted Cat and Girl (really, shout-outs to both the Goatse guy [get your own damn link] and the coolest of irrational numbers in one strip? Genius!) has a new book out. Entitled Cat and Girl (The Book), you may obtain a copy right here.

Meanwhile, Tom Brazelton over at Theater Hopper informs us of pre-sales on his first book, Theater Hopper: Year One. Brazelton, emulating the efforts of boutique clothiers, enormous corporations, and professional weirdos (and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible) alike, has started a Street Team. The relevant part:

I’m trying to get creative marketing the pre-sale and generate as much interest as possible, so I’ve also founded a street team.

The concept is simple. You pre-order a copy of the book for yourself. If you can get 5 of your friends to do the same thing, I send you a $20 gift certificate to! It’s like getting your copy of the book for free!

In addition to his bold experiment in fan-driven marketing (have other webcomics tried this? I can’t recall any), Brazelton has heeded our cry to include guest strips in his book. A case of two people coincidentally coming up with the same good idea, or a shameless attempt to suck up to us for free press? Either way, it worked.

I love the idea of fan driven marketing, but I’m a nerd when it comes to marketing campaigns. I don’t think it’s such a farfetched idea, we tell our friends about the things we love anyway. For the things we love a lot, we are proud to be able to help. It’s an honest idea.

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