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Way Back, A Long Time Ago …

Once upon a time, Blondie was a loose woman. Really! She was a flapper, and accused of being a gold-digger! And though she was long since changed by her creator (the late Chic Young), and though she’s been basically doing the same things ever since Cookie was born (okay, fine, she’s a caterer now), in your heart you knew she was a seductress.

Given that we at Fleen are concerned with the unnatural, zombie-like nature of syndicated comics, today’s Overcompensating appears to give hope to those who would wish to clear out some dead wood on the comics page. Now, what would be so upsetting to, say, Beetle Bailey that he’d pull a Private Pyle on Sarge‘s ass in the middle of the night? What could convince Thel and Lois to emulate Thelma & Louise in a ragtop into a convenient canyon? Come on people, get creative!

Speaking of creative, congratulations to Ursula Vernon for the 300th installment of Digger (which, as the omnipresent Mr T noted, is free for the time being thanks to her Eisner nomination).

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