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This Is A Fleen News Flash!

Myspace has updated its Terms of Service to no longer assert ownership or license over contents in backups. Implication: delete your account, they can’t use your stuff. Is it too early to declare that Jeff Rowland has brought Rupert Murdoch low?

Holy shit, that is amazing.

Rowland surely has powers far beyond the reach of mortal man. And cat.

Oh I think it was honestly just a result of many people railing on them, I probably ain’t got nothin’ to do with it at all.

[…] Their answer: kinda. You have to be very careful about the terms of service, but ultimately it gives you a chance at building an audience that you can sell directly to, cutting out the middleman (in our world, either a syndicate or distributor). I’ll note, though, that in running the numbers, they considered the effects of building up a friends list (to truly gargantuan proportions), but then actually running distribution elsewhere. […]

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