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Yeehaw! It’s Roundup Time

In no particular order (and with fewer links than yesterday, I promise):

You may have seen that Jon Rosenberg and Phillip Karlsson have divided the Goats business between them. This means that Phillip now buys my beer, not Jon; it also means that there will be less reluctance to discuss Goats on these pages, as Jon is no longer the publisher. What drove these manly paragons of webcomickry to shameful divorce is yet to be fully disclosed, but our own Tuesday Crimson is on the story and we will hopefully soon learn if there’s a boning angle.

It’s been a bit more than 24 hours since Jeff Rowland moved his public challenge to Myspace from his LiveJournal to the front page of Overcompensating. As of this writing, no comment from Rupert Murdoch has been made about this attack on his empire. We urge all lovers of things that are fun to keep an eye on Mr Rowland, and to do all you can to ensure his personal safety.

As was noted in yesterday’s comments section, Dayfree Press has some new members in Dr McNinja and Stuff Sucks. I think that Lore said it best when he commented that he wasn’t familiar with Stuff Sucks but would check it out, since that’s the purpose of collectives.

There’s more webcomicker thesis animated short film on the horizon! In fact, I’ve seen a finished product that I’ve promised not to name yet, since there’s an effort to line up some festival entries. Be assured that once the story can be broken, we at Fleen will be the ones with the hammer and tongs. And shortly, the “we” part of that sentence will be literally true again — new writers have been chosen, and will start showing up on these pages shortly.

Finally, Andrew Bell has a new shirt that I particularly wanted to bring to your attention — it’s based on the very lovely Vindictive Viruses painting from his recent show, which carries a special resonance for me. Last Thursday, the show having concluded and Mr Bell being all caught up on life, that painting was handed to me in fulfillment of its purchase. It’s beautiful thing, and I’m having a tough time figuring out where to hang it. My wife, who is usually mildly disinterested in my webcomics mania, loves it (but then, she’s always been partial to chromosome #12).

Which brings me to my point: why should we keep such wonderful things to ourselves in this exceedingly tiny webcomics community? When an opportunity arises to reach out to a specific constituency, we should take it. If you know a microbiological researcher, virologist, epidemiologist, or professor of the life sciences, point them towards the shirt and the show. Let’s get the word out that there’s cool stuff here, and all are welcome to partake. Also, somebody should send a Bears Will Eat You shirt to Stephen Colbert. Just sayin’.

More beer for me! I look forward to your hateful tirades against my comic. Bring it on!

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[…] I once implored you to keep an eye on Jeff Rowland and protect him from Rupert Murdoch’s goons, but this strikes me as much, much more dangerous. Anybody that knows this “Scott Dial” is invited to tell him to knock it the hell off. […]

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