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Mad Pimpin’

Fleen masthead designer/once-upon-a-time webcomicker/real-life GynoStryker Meredith Gran has just posted her thesis animation in support of graduation from the School of Visual Arts. Like, just now, in the past 45 minutes or so.

Go and feast in the brilliance that is … Polar-oid.

That thing was packed with disapproving glares! Ironically, I approve! Great job Meredith.

That was fantastic, Meredith! Really, really awesome — congrats!

This was an attack by a phenomenable snowman!

get it because arctic

[…] There’s more webcomicker thesis animated short film on the horizon! In fact, I’ve seen a finished product that I’ve promised not to name yet, since there’s an effort to line up some festival entries. Be assured that once the story can be broken, we at Fleen will be the ones with the hammer and tongs. And shortly, the “we” part of that sentence will be literally true again — new writers have been chosen, and will start showing up on these pages shortly. […]

[…] Fleen: Mike and Matt Chapman have had great success with Homestar*Runner, and there’s been some great shorts that have been done in Flash (like Meredith Gran’s Polar-oid) that don’t look “Flash-y”. Scott, in your post announcing the series, you made a point of saying that PvP:TS wouldn’t be in Flash. Was that an important point for you? Is it the allure of knowing that there’s stuff on celluloid somewhere that makes it more like what we used to see on TV growing up? […]

[…] Gary In the past weeks, we’ve seen words (and pictures) regarding the college graduations of numerous webcomics creators. Congrats to all, although I feel like I’m supposed to say damn you, McConville for some reason. […]

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