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Fleen Writer Search Moves Into Final Stages, Nation Waits With Bated Breath

Okay, so that’s the submissions. The Fleen Editorial Board will be meeting in high-level secret meetings throughout the weekend and issuing invites to new writers ’roundabouts Monday.

To the eventual winners, congratulations.

To those who have given their all and don’t get chosen, thanks very much for playing, and don’t forget your lovely parting gifts (provided by the fine folks at Sue-Bee Honey™, Rice-a-Roni™, and RC Cola™; also please enjoy a complementary copy of our home game).

And to all our audience, thank you and drive safely.

Seriously, though, nice job from all of the applicants, and watch for daily posts from our new writers in the coming weeks.

…are you serious about parting gifts, or are you teasing me with food?

yeah seriously some of us do not have money/time to go get groceries right now.

He’s teasing about the compensation at all.

Why would you possibly trust him on the parting gifts?

Hey, if any of you get chosen, wanna keep your contestant number as your i.d.? Keeping it mysterious an’ all?

i would

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