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Inappropriate Japes Really DO Make Me Giggle

This is the second post from Contestant #5; the assignment was to review one comic from a list of three randomly selected from the backlog of sites submitted by creators to Fleen for review. I, your humble editor, have not read the comics in question.

When I first encountered Canadian creation myth: the most inconsistent comic on the internet, it was as mere words on a page. Words that read “”. Of course, my mind went to the dirtiest place imaginable with those words, and I will not describe to you the seedy depths that it went to. As I clicked on the link and perused the archives though, I found I was not too far off; Canadian creation myth is made of that rather offensive stuff that touches my heart. Its humour is definitely not for everyone, but if you can handle hooker jokes, eating live animals jokes, and of course fatty jokes (which I, personally, LOVE), then you are more than equipped to handle this comic. Basically, if you are as screwed up as the author, you are most of the way to funneeland.

I also really enjoy CCM’s primitive drawing stylez. The creator clearly did not take the time to make more than one draft of each comic, which makes it look different from most of the comics out there (although if I had to say it looks/sounds like anything, it would be white ninja and toothpaste for dinner). And why not not put the time and effort into something if you don’t want to? That is what I always say. And that is why I have not done laundry in a month and a half. But that is a whole other bag of potatoes. So not only does it LOOK different from the day to day offerings, but its rawness and unfinishedness also adds humour to the comic, because let us face it, it is kind of funny to see where people messed up. Especially when those mess ups involve thinking you spelled a word incorrectly. Especially if that word is ‘yes’.

Also, as a Canadian, how could I not appreciate comparing Stephen Harper to a Canada Goose? The answer is, that I could not. Although I think if I were to compare that man to anything, it would have to be a … I really have no idea as all I can think of looking at the picture of him is PEDOPHILE. Whatever he is, he must have mange.

Unfortunately, CCM has not been updated since late February of this year. Perhaps the creator died in our harsh Canadian winter (I know I almost did), or maybe he/she/it just needs a little nudge to get back on the comics making bandwagon. Either way, it sure couldn’t hurt to send them an email telling him/her/it that you like it. Peer pressure can go a loooong way.

I understand that when writing a formal essay it’s a general no-no to use contractions. Comics reviews are not formal essays (for the most part), and contractions, in my opinion, make for better readability.

Also, three consecutive sentences that start with “That is”, “And that is”, and “But that is” gets a little clumsy. Can you tell I’m a grammar nazi? My apologies. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

for all y’all who liked CCM, i have news: there will be a few updates on monday, but then not any for a while because i think the creator is going up north to plant trees.

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