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In Space, No One Can Hear You Whine!

This is the second post from Contestant #9; the assignment was to review one comic from a list of three randomly selected from the backlog of sites submitted by creators to Fleen for review. I, your humble editor, have not read the comics in question.

God Damn you, Gary Tyrrell. We poor hungover Irishmen do not deserve to be bombarded with this kind of insanity first thing in the morning.

I really don’t like saying mean things about people who post their creative endeavors on the Internet for all to see. It takes guts, and the Internet is a harsh unforgiving landscape. I tried really hard to think of a whole bunch of nice things to say about Space Goth but the truth is that I honestly just found it painful to read. That’s right folks, it hurt. And not in a good way.

At first I was optimistic, thinking that the title “Space Goth�? must surely be an exercise in delicious irony. It is not. The first three pages of the strip did little to endear me to it. I cringed at the discussion of nihilism, apathy and teen love interests that are the staple of the adolescent goth stereotype. Trying to be professional, I persevered. Most of the art is passable, though I thought that the last panel of this strip was actually a little bit cool. Things quickly turned decidedly downhill again. I actually laughed out loud at the lines “what if it is just a look?�? and “Who’s my goth princess?�? I honestly hope that was the intention, put deep down inside I know it wasn’t.

Once the story reaches block two, the plot has gone from laughable to banal and there is little to hold the interest of anyone used to the better narrative web comics.

Fantastic. Now I have a hangover and I feel like a bad person. Sorry Brenna.

Excellent! I laughed reading this review before even linking through to the pages discussed. Then I realized this comic is full of depth. Who is my goth princess?

Looking forward to many more from Contestant #9.

Dude, no worries. It’s actually the first laundry-list of negatives I’ve encountered this past year and I’m glad to get unbiased feedback.

I criticise two comics in two posts and get personal replies from the creators of both, maybe I should start being nice to people because my guilt now knows no bounds!

Remember, guilt is a tool. That said, it was a pretty well-done negative review. Possibly it could have been even more thorough and specific, but given what you’ve said about this comic, maybe that would have made your eyes bleed too.

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