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Goths: The Final Frontier

This is the second post from Contestant #8; the assignment was to review one comic from a list of three randomly selected from the backlog of sites submitted by creators to Fleen for review. I, your humble editor, have not read the comics in question.

Goths in space … sounds like another horrible Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, doesn’t it? The answer is yes, yes it does and I’m scared for my life if that ever comes to fruition. So why am I reading a comic that is centered on aliens, goths, and the inevitable gothic aliens? Why you ask? Why for the love of all humanity am I reading about semi-depressed extraterrestrials?

Simply put, Dutch dogs and violent ink-sketches are not my cup of tea. Not that goths in space flip my proverbial lid either. Space Goth, by Brenna Zedan, is a black and white ink comic strip where the main character is Soli, a human female in her mid-teens. She is befriended by other goths at her high school, who happen to be transgender-looking aliens.

First off, the artwork is decent and generally enjoyable. I myself cannot draw a stick figure without stabbing myself in the eye for lack of talent and motor skills. Brenna on the other hand, has actual talent. This is evident enough here and in Space Goth. I enjoy that she experiments with different panels and perspective, but the fact is that any art student half way through their college career can fool around with perspective and make it look good.

The writing is paltry at best. There is somewhat of a storyline that starts at the end of Book I and carries over into Book II, but it’s not even worth noting. Basically, if I wanted to hear self-indulging, pre-pubescent teenagers blab on about the atrocities of life, I would have frequented my local mall. But I won’t, because I’ll just end up punching punk kids in the face when they claim that Hoobastank is the best band ever.

I digress.

What I am partially interested by is the fact that she started these strips as a birthday gift for her little sister and with consistent support from fans, has fleshed out this gift into a year-long running web comic. I’m sure it made a great gift for her sister, but it is just bad web comic etiquette to re-gift a sub-par comic that was never meant for us.

Dude, major props for not apologising for speaking your mind. Solid review.

50 points for digression

would it help if I apologised for apologising for speaking my mind?

Not too shabby. You’ve got the whys in there, and with some good comments on potential and talent that are reasonably imformative.

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