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Things To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Presidential heads and book depositories? I like where Paul Southworth is going with Ugly Hill‘s current storyline, which has only just reached the midpoint. Regardless of how you may feel about President Tripp‘s real-world counterpart (and boy, is that likeness spooky), the humor over Maulington way is so broad and ridiculous that you can’t really get mad. Seriously, doesn’t every group have a member that’s just so strident that you kinda wish he didn’t belong?

Ursula Vernon gets the Best Use of Mucous In a Metaphor Award for today’s Digger; image duplicted here for those without Graphic Smash subscriptions. If there’s one thing that webcomics need more of, it’s measures of snot viscosity! Note to self: remember to ask Mister T when Graphic Smash is going to take subscriptions by means other than Paypal. Alternately, send Vernon a check to make up for the enjoyment I’ve been getting out of her work for free.

Finally, not a webcomic, but Bill Amend gets in a general-audience gag while at the same time preserving nerd cred in today’s Foxtrot (or here, for archival purposes). Oh Duke, someday you shall return in our darkest hour, just like King Arthur.


If I might pick at nits, I’m not sure I see the “general audience” gag in foxtrot there. I mean, are most people even aware/caring of the Intel switch or Boot Camp? And also, nobody knows what in the heck Duke Nukem forever is. I don’t!

I didn’t need to see brass dog balls today.

I wanted to, but it wasn’t a necessity.

I didn’t need to see brass dog balls today.

I wanted to, but it wasn’t a necessity.The fact that you wanted to speaks volumes, Jon.


As a matter of fact, Digger is free for the next few months, in light of Ursula’s Eisner nom. You heard it here first.

(Oh, and PENNY AND AGGIE has a book out now, too, JUST TO KEEP THE TREND ALIVE!)

That’s funny, I could have sworn I heard it on Comixpedia first. But I’m not one to gainsay T Campbell.

[…] Speaking of creative, congratulations to Ursula Vernon for the 300th installment of Digger (which, as the omnipresent Mr T noted, is free for the time being thanks to her Eisner nomination). […]

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