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How Many Days Until The End Of Finals?

This is the first post from Contestant #10

As a college student in the final week of class, I am fighting between a deep desire to be a fangirl slacker and … reality.

Fangirl: Is the package in my mailbox my Wigu book?!
Reality: Oh, grr, paperwork to fill out for my study abroad. Which will be awesome, but … reality bites.

I’m just glad that my webcomics mirror my moods, and do it well.

I’m not sure if Multiplex is meant to be college students. The majority of the characters, according to the cast page, are 19 years old. Which is, of course, how old I am. Perhaps this particular Multiplex is located in a college town, but the characters are certainly pretentious enough about popculture to be college students.

Today’s strip features J.J. Abrams, Lost, Alias, Star Trek, Obi-Wan Kenobi, jumping the shark, and a passerby so frightened by the fanboys that she walks away. If that isn’t college in a nutshell, my friends, I don’t know what is.

If only there had been a reference to 24. WHERE IS THE DEVICE?!

The reality side of college is quite artfully done by Sandra in Friendly Hostility, formerly of Boy Meets Boy fame. The current arc deals with real college problems. Where to sit in a crowded lecture hall? Who would be the least unpleasant person to drag through a group project? Surely it is not the girl whose hair has an absurd poof. And the kid with the Jesus Pencil? Sketchy. The only thing that would have made that arc even better would be running into an ex. But Collin is asexual, so that point is moot.

Oh, college. Where else would I have hours on end to nap and read the entire backlogs of new-to-me webcomics in days? Until next time, ♥

It’s fairly pleasant, isn’t it? But there’s not a whole lot of meat here. Perhaps it would make for a decent blog post, but not a particularly well-conceived webcomics review.

24 is the best for just making up random dialouge. “Chloe, there’s no more time! Find the schematics from CentOps and put them on my screen! THE PLANE IS ALREADY EN ROUTE!”

This post is very decent except it is not really a webcomic review! I’m not sure I like the amount of personal items laced in, it distracts from the topic.

The topic seems to be that many college students have time in their schedule to slack off! That also makes me sad. Even the signature of love did not do much to ease my pain.

I’m for it. It ties in positive comments on two different webcomics with some tidbits that make me feel as though I know the author. Also I really like Multiplex. Be careful with those nap-and-comic binges, though- they were my downfall. :’-(

Oh man multiplex rocks. it’s nice to see it gettign the extra attention it deserves!

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