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The Next Fad Diet?

This is the first post from Contestant #3

Silent Hill is running amuck all over my favorite comics today. I was shocked at how well the game was captured, bemused at how much wasn’t. More importantly though, it put me in the mood for disturbing storylines and unsettling characters. No Rest for the Wicked delivered today with a pie-sized helping of both.

Those unfamiliar with the story (which just turned 3 years old) need only extract the best of the Brother’s Grimm, a little Hans Christian Andersen and set about on a quest for the grittiest graphics and dark-darling characters. This is what you’ll find. I admit my impatience with her slowly unfolding story arc these past two months had nearly worn me out. Today she released two comics in tandem in order to allow the plot twist to be revealed without sacrificing suspense.

I like jokes involving eating babies and cannibalizing children as much as the next guy, but today’s plot twist revelation has left me more than a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the way Andrael drew the story so that it was only deliciously implied that there was child-eating. Maybe it’s because these characters and their stories are so familiar to me and yet the story is so original and unpredictable. Either way, when I went searching for the scary and the distinctly uncomfortable, I found it.

Reading web comics with an obvious plotline, character development and plausible ending are far more painful than reading the ones that rely on gag strips and cultural parodies that could theoretically go on forever or until the artist explodes, hand poised over Wacom tablet. No Rest for the Wicked feeds on an obsession some of us have with great stories, one page at a time, a spoon feeding of good storytelling. Addicts were never meant to live this way.

The best-written post, and should get props for that. This is English that I can actually read. On the other hand, I’m not particularly captivated, but then, it might be late, and I might be tired.

Even so, #3, I wish you luck. Kudos.

I concur on the well-writtenness (which isn’t a word as far as I know). It sticks to its point, flows well, contains some meaty content, and draws enough curiosity for me to click on the links and check things out.

You’ve convinced me to check out the comic and that’s gotta count for huge something.

I’m not sure I understand the last paragraph, but I agree with everything the previous commentors have said. Anyone who seeks out “disturbing storylines and unsettling characters” is A-OK in my book.

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