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Research Animals Are Hi-larious … And Full of Science

This is the first post for Contestant #8

When I have the desire, nay, the need to read about sarcastic, indignant lab animals I go straight to the source … Able and Baker by Jim Burgess.

It’s guest-week at Able and Baker; so let me refresh your inter-web memory on the subject of amusing research animals.

Able and Baker are a monkey-sheep duo that spends their time working as lab animals for a research facility. (Don’t worry folks; they are there for science! Not for makeup companies or shampoo products)

Able is the egocentric, grand-scheming monkey who dreams of fame and it’s saucy cousin, power. Baker plays the straight-faced foil to Able’s schemes and half-baked ideas. Together they are a formidable pairing whose hijinks know no bounds … none I tell you.

This week Jim has let others draw his comic for him, stating that this is his first guest-week ever. The first guest artist is Forrest from Reality in Repair. Forrest does a mighty fine job at staying true to the character’s personalities, and more importantly, staying true to the hijinks. If prank calling people from space isn’t enough hi for your jinks, then I don’t know what is. His artwork is a little more jagged than Jim’s, which adds a Reality in Repair touch to the comic.

It should be interesting to see how other artists later this week interpret and render his comic about a monkey befriending a sheep.

You know, It’s a proven fact that monkeys make great B. F.F.’s.

(Best friends for-ever fool)

It’s “its” when you’re using the possessive. Concentrating on the guest strippage over Burgess’ uniformly quality work irks me somewhat. Those last two sentences were entirely unnecessary.

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