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On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again, Off-Again …

This is the first post from Contestant #2

Tatsuya Ishida has me right where he wants me. Despite the unexplained disappearances, the less-explained reappearances, despite the waiting (Oh! The waiting!), I’m still checking Sinfest every day.
This would make sense, you know, back when Sinfest actually had a frequent update schedule. Nowadays we get our strips in spurts, much like a lab rat being fed pellets by disinterested researchers.
And yet, I’m still going back every day. Why? Because today could be the day that Sinfest returns! You may well be calling me crazy at this point; I can’t say I blame you. Why not check back once a week and save myself the letdown?
Because today could be the day. Intentionally missing a day would be giving up, admitting that I don’t know when Sinfest is coming back.
Today could be the day. Even though the whole Slick’s date with Monique never really got resolved …
Today could be the day. And lo and behold, dear readers: a Sinfest strip dated April 25, 2006! Yessssssss.
And looky: It’s got some sort of alien fembot chasing the Devil with a butterfly net! I’m not quite sure what it means at this point, but let’s get real, here, people. It’s an alien fembot chasing the Devil with a bleedin’ butterfly net. With shit like that, Ishida could stop updates for years and I’d still be there every day. Ishida could egg my house, key my car, slip a roofie in my Piña Colada, whatever! I’m still a-clickin’ on that link in my bookmarks.
And the worst part is, he knows it.

You could sign up for the Sinfest mailing list. Then you’d receive the updates when they actually happen, rare as they are.
It’s handy for me, especially since it means I can “Star” comics that have made me laugh.

Definitely a useful suggestion :P
But I like checking back every day; it makes me feel like I’ve earned the strip once it is posted. As I said, maybe I’m just crazy.

Ehhh…. I learned absolutley nothing from this article. I could have gone to the SInfest forum if I wanted to read non-specific fan-gushing. “OMG! S1NF35T IZ B3TT3R TH4N 100000 BL0Wj0b5!”

Hey, if something is better than 100,000 blowjobs, I want to know.

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