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This is the first post from Contestant #7

Dinosaur Comics creator and wonderful human being Ryan North has made an interesting update to RSSPECT (his free, ridiculously simple RSS feed generator for your site). You can now generate a personalized feed from any existing site (for example this strangely topical one I made just now, or this one he’s linked). This thing makes it so incredibly simple for comic authors to syndicate content and updates, and I think he deserves a cookie for his efforts. Maybe even like five cookies. Seriously, somebody get on that.

So, what else. Natalie Dee’s got a few new shirts for sale, limited edition! She will stop selling them May 5th … or will she? It’s a lie. Seriously, every time she has a sale like this I just have to shake my head in some mixture of confusion and rage, because to my knowledge she has never discontinued a shirt, ever, and this is definitely not the first ‘limited time offer’. A pox on thee, wench, and thy unclean merchandise. Maybe even like five poxes.

On to other things. Bunny! Honestly I cannot stress enough how much you should all buy this book. Vaguely similar in style to the aforementioned Mrs. Dee, with a hell of a lot more substance. If you’re looking for a good time run through the archives, it won’t fail to amuse. There are few webcomic artists out there who can write as well as they draw, so a comic of this quality by a single author is kind of a rarity.

Oh, and Scientology jokes never get old. Ever.

That was lovely

i’m pretty sure natalie dee has discontinued many a t-shirt design. i meant to get a poop-bunny t-shirt for a while, but it was discontinued before i got around to ordering it. if my memory serves, none of the t-shirts she was selling a year ago are currently available.

Her latest batch of discontinued shirts are still going strong

sometimes I wish I hadn’t given away my hand drawn bunny spider Jeruselem as a birthday present…

You sir, are my hero. rock on.

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