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But All Elves Do Is Make Cookies And Star In Commercials, Like M. Night Shyamalan

This is the first post from Contestant #1

I have a lot of conversations that leave me wondering how a garage door opens, especially after that Monk aired. Robots are too literary to watch television, so how did the colloquy in Killer Robots From Outer Space start? Now that I think about it I would assume it would start by walking past a garage door opening, since that is how most conversations commence. But as led to believe the Killer Robots are from space. In space I could not picture garage doors, although they could just be from space, not currently residing there.

I think today’s Killer Robots From Space gave me the best metal picture since the suicidal Arby’s sandwiches. Acrobatic elves climbing on top of each other just to open a garage door, or elves with smug expressions controlling the roller coaster esque garage door opener.

On a side note I listened to the Point of Futility “podcasts‿. They were some kind of awesome. The whole time I was listening I was trying to decide whether there were a lot of inside jokes, or if Max and Nick were just that cool. I finally settled on the latter.

I have no idea what this is about, or why I would want to know. Maybe if I click on all the links this’ll make more sense, but there’s nothing here to tell me why I should bother. So I won’t.

Admittedly that’s all true of 90% of fleen posts, so maybe that’s what you’re looking for.


I poked around trying to find the “today’s Killer Robots” strip he was referring to, but without a link, and considering this was actually submitted at some point in the past, I’m just not that willing to put that much effort into it.

If you’re going to refer to a specific comic, link to that specific comic, Mr. #1, even if it’s “today’s comic”, people won’t necessarily read it that day, and if people are digging through archives, saying “today’s comic” with a generic link will be completely useless.

Also, there were some compositional problems. For instance:

“But as led to believe the Killer Robots are from space. In space I could not picture garage doors, although they could just be from space, not currently residing there.”

That makes no sense to me.

On a sidenote, while I’m here, what’s the deal with disallowing webcomics creators to submit to be Fleen writers? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Not much sense at all.

[…] In any case, the first submitted post is up for perusal and criticism. Rather than writing for Fleen, which I might have considered had I been allowed to apply, perhaps I’ll just write about Fleen. Just think, I could start a new sub-genre of webcomics review review. It’s a phenomenon that already happens plenty, so I don’t see why we couldn’t just make it a cottage industry unto itself. But I digress. The first submission is paltry at best, and in some places nonsensical. From the word go I’m completely uninterested. Garage doors and Monk? Way to use personal experience, I suppose, but I could really care less. Mr. #1 goes on to talk about a comic called Killer Robots from Outer Space. He gets points for writing about a webcomic I’d never heard of before (even if I find a new comic on a near-daily basis that’s semi-decent). Still, I have absolutely no idea what he’s saying about the comic. Somehow, I think, it has to do with garage doors. Garage doors in outer space, perhaps? Maybe he’s a mole for Nasa’s new “Send Suburbia into Space” (SSS) program. […]

I am so very, very confused.

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