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Alien Loves Predator Versus Shark?

This is the first post from Contestant #9

As soon as the word ‘Acid’ was mentioned by Hilary Clinton, I knew that Abe would somehow save the day. I love being right. However, beneath the smugness, there is an underlying worry that Alien Loves Predator is in danger of Jumping the shark.

Take a minute to boo me, throw your rotten tomatoes and broken bottles. It’s okay. I can wait.



Mainly, I’m worried about the whole Corinna moving in situation. I know that might seem like a long time ago now, but what with the guest Strips and the baby being born, it feels like the Bill Clinton story line is the first chance we’ve had to see Corinna in action as a main character. The question is, where does the ALP dynamic go from here? Already, it seems like Preston and Corinna are going down the Nials/Daphne or JD/Elliot path of will-they-wont-they sitcom cliché. Of course, they might not. After all, a comic starring an alien and a predator in action figure form tends to be pretty clear of cliché. But if they don’t, where does that leave Corinna as a character? Will she just fade into the background like Ctrl Alt Del‘s Scott? or PvP‘s Robby and Chase?

I hope not. If there’s anyone who can put a fresh spin on a situation, it’s Bernie. Even if sometimes it involves forcing me to imagine Bill Clinton’s genitals being melted by acid.

What an absolutely excellent post. Gosh. I’m still recovering.

“see croinna in action”

well im glad i missed that strip.

I dunno if u lot have ever tried acid proof condoms but I cant say I would recommend them.

na only joking.

but really, have you?

This contestant looks like hes thought about the whole thing, I dont trust him.

its the honest ones you have to watch out for.


I like this post a lot. It’s about time someone noticed I’m jumping. I’ve pretty much been phoning it in for about a year now.

Minor points off for 1) misspelling “Niles” Crane and 2) implying that my wife gave birth to only 1 baby.

I don’t really think your jumping the shark. I’m just kind of mad about the Clinton crotch mental image. Also, I thought Alien Loves Predator Versus shark was a cool title.

Kudos to the well thought-out post.

Only started reading ALP recently.

This is an interesting and well written article.

Keep it up !

Best post of the lot, methinks.

Bonus points for mentioning Scrubs.

Kudos for a good post, even if I don’t like AVP. The best of the lot, for the moment.

This is a great post. I’m new to this place I must admit but this one got me interested. I’ll have to start reading this Alien Loves Predator now…

I’m putting my vote in for this one.

You know. Because my opinion counts.

I read all the AlP comics so this is awesome as well..

Visionthing (contestant nr 9#) is teh awesome.

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