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Cool Things Of Note

Randy Milholland tells us in the latest S*P newsbox that his friend Erica Henderson has been animating an S*P strip; to be more specific, the first S*P strip. So far, it’s a work in progress — about one and a half of the four panels are done, and it’s still at the pencil rough stage. Buy the characters are well-done, the animation is smooth and natural (watch Davan scratching his nose in the first 20 or so frames … nice job of keeping the characters from just standing there), and the voices sound pretty close to what’s in my head when I read the strip. The only downside to doing full animation like this is it takes a long time, but when it’s done well it’s worth it. This looks like it’s got a lot of potential.

Also, the parade of webcomics books continues apace, as Bunny chimes in with preorders. While some are not fans of the single-panel webcomic format, Lem’s got some real twisted genius going on, barely moderated by long, fluffy pink ears. Watch for 90 of the best strips to hit sometime late May/early June, subject to printing delays, university workload, and the Royal Mail.

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