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On The Topic Of Promising Writers

I’d like to make a little more noise about something that happened in the comments the other day. Feeling that the “post every day” requirement wasn’t on the List o’ Fun Things To Do Today, webcomics afficianado The Kea decided to start a webcomics blog without a picky editor demanding to know where the new article is. We at Fleen salute The Kea, and like what we’re reading so far. Go check it out.

Now, on the topic of the open call for writers, we have received nearly 20 submissions for the largely unpaid position of webcomics press scum journalist, and this round of submissions is now closed. I’ve done a preliminary look-see on the submissions, and will be soliciting opinions from Jeff, Jon, and Phillip before deciding who makes it to Round Two. As we said, it’s a matter of finding writers we think will be the best fit for Fleen, so no disrespect if we don’t choose you.

Just so you know, it’ll probably take a few weeks to come to a final decision; recall a few of the rules that Jon laid down when we launched:

I will not be allowed to tell the writers what they can and cannot write about (aside from the “posts must be about webcomics” mandate). I will attempt to post my dissent in the comments, just like everyone else will be allowed to do. In some instances I may write them directly if the nature of my comments demands it (as you can also do), but they have every right to tell me to screw off.


I cannot fire a writer without the consent of a majority of the other writers.

Given the very loose rein that witers ’round here have, we want to make sure of the people that we invite to join. Naturally, we will endeavor to conduct this process with a maximum of dignity and respect. Now strip naked and get on the probulator.

You’ve got a probulator!


Had I the time, talent, or typing skills, I would be all over writing for Fleen. ALL OVER IT.

Well just stop drawing Ugly Hill, Paul, and you can apply.

I wouldn’t blame you based on the all the political whining going on. But then those who oppose you would win. Then they would move on to another comic. Kind of like the latest South Park.

I was completely into the idea of writing for Fleen, sadly I was a bit too late. Good luck to the future writers!

[…] Mr. #1 gets a 3 out of 10 from me. If I were Simon Cowell I would call it a disaster, and try to refer to karaoke and cabaret in a webcomics sense. Mr. The Kea, on the other hand, gets a solid 10 out of 10 (so far) for leaving Fleen to start his own webcomics review blog (The Kea’s Nest), which so far has been a fun read. […]

[…] Gary Some days, it’s easy to figure out what you’re going to write about. I noticed a bit of bad news over the weekend, catching up on my trawls (and then several of you emailed me about it, as well). Since the Spring, we at Fleen have been big fans of The Kea’s Nest, which is sadly shutting its metaphorical doors. We first became aware of The Kea back in April, when he considered going for one of the open writer slots here at Fleen, but he decided that daily was more than he wanted to write. […]

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