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Kneejerk Liberalism Or Misguided Criticism Of A Noble Administration? A Fair And Balanced Analysis

Paul Southworth is going political starting this week over in Ugly Hill. The President is coming to town to announce plans to wage war on “Eyeraq”. Plans are for the storyline to run for four weeks, which gives Southworth plenty of time to cover lots of territory.

Could Southworth be planning an extended exploration of cyclopes in his monster world, further developing his “one-eye” characters as a metaphor for racism in our culture? Is it a balanced, nuanced, carefully considered critique of America’s current path? Or might he just be trying to stir up some controversy, knowing that nothing brings in the eyeballs (ha, ha!) like people who are severely pissed off at you (and/or don’t get the joke)?

More on this as it develops.

Edit: This was actually written Wednesday night for posting on Thursday, but I neglected to do so in a timely fashion. As the Skipper used to say, “Oop!” To make up for this inadvertant oversight, you’ll get two pieces today.

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