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Catching Up With Developments

From Jeff Rowland, news that copies of The Case of the Missile Crisis will be shipping out next week (look for a review soon after); and an introductory pimer to what happens when Mario Blocks are denied their rightful place as public art.

The Mario Blocks lead us to Ryan North‘s buddy Poster Child, and the backstory of this laudable project to take back public spaces in the name of art. Naturally, any mention of North means we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the new Dinosaur Comics book (Your Whole Family Is Made Out Of Meat) is up for for pre-order.

Finally, just because it’s not something we’ve seen before, check out today’s Concerned; you’ll have to scroll down past the comic and click where it says Hide/Show Notes. Christopher Livingston, mad genius behind the adventures of Gordon Frohman, has posted a link to what can only be described (and he does) as audio fan art.

While it’s true that comics like Something*Positive and Penny Arcade have had audio gifts in the form of theme songs (from, respectively, Kristofer Straub and MC Frontalot), this is different. It really seems more like the audio equivalent of a guest strip or sketch. What with all the podcasting and amatuer audio announcers out there, it’ll be curious to see if others pick up on this idea.

Thanks! (The Concerned audio fan art was mine.)



Nice and neutral blog here. That’s top quality journalism/commentary.

just as a note: I didn’t mean to sound as snarky as I sound upon rereading my comment above.


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