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Smith, Jones, And The Other Guy

Bernie Hou’s Alien Loves Predator goes all word problem on our asses this week. Three generic bodyguards associated with Bill Clinton (yes, that Bill Clinton) decide to play with Preston’s head and give him a logic puzzle that’s woven into the strip. The caption at the bottom of the strip is familiar to anybody who grew up on Games magazine (which once published a puzzle by … T Campbell! Does his reach know no end?) or Encylopedia Brown books.

Of course, any answers you may come up with depend on all the agents telling the truth from panels four onwards, which I think we can assume, since Hou intends for us to solve. Very clever, Mr Hou, but answer me this:

If an Alien leaves the Lower East Side at 2:48pm walking north towards Central Park at an average rate of 3.8 mph, and a Predator grabs a cab outside Union Square, headed for Times Square at 3:04pm, what are the odds of getting an English-speaking cabbie, and how many times will be he told he “Should’ve hit it when you had the chance”?

Yeah, I was a GAMES Magazine fan from way back. I always thought Leighton was a genius.

What’s frustrating about Bernie’s puzzle is I keep expecting there to be some crucial clue about the name of the guy with no name…

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