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This Is Just The Week For Things Not Working As Planned, I Guess

Alert reader Mr Hasselhoff informs us:

Seems like Dayfree Press is down again. I don’t know if it’s to celebrate the lost of the domain at the same time last year (1 year anniversary you know) or if someone didn’t renew it … or if the internets has gone crazy with forks.

This leads us to three thoughts:

  1. Dayfree Press is indeed down
  2. Damn, “the domain needs to be re-registered” pages are ugly
  3. I don’t know what the internets has gone crazy with forks means, but somewhere in there is a pretty good band name

Fortunately, the individual members of Dayfree Press seem to be up and running normally (I think that’s everybody), so you can still get your fix from the individual pushers.

We’re having some adventures with our domain registrator. The URL is not displaying in our list of domains as being expired. Actually, it’s displaying as being set on auto-renew. So, I’m not sure why exactly we’re getting the re-registered placeholder. But I’m sure the answer is REALLY EXCITING!

Anyhow, we’re working on it. We should be up and running again within a couple of days. If anyone asks what went wrong, uh… “April Fools!”

I always wondered… what does “Dayfree Press” mean, anyway? Dayfree? Free of days?

It means we get placed between Darkhorse and DC in alphabatized lists or convention layouts!

(I don’t actually know the real reason.)

It’s an acronym for something unspeakably obscene.

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