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Feeling Better, Thanks For Asking

A short post today to give recognition to the un-thanked workhorses who make so much of webcomics work: the tech nerds. Ryan North, in addition to announcing yesterday that he’s been a full-time cartoonist for a year now (there’s no shame, Ryan, you can admit it, we’re all friends here), has been busily working on yet another nifty gadget to make webcomics better. Let’s hear from the man himself:

I just launched a new site, called RSSPECT. It makes generating RSS feeds easy for comic owners who don’t have RSS feeds automatically supplied by software.

It is at and it will hopefully be pretty useful! My friend Pat came up with the name. I was going to call it OMG-RSS or maybe WTF-RSS but his idea was way better.

David Hellman’s the dude responsible for the kickin’ logo! Just in case you thought I suddenly learnt how to draw or something. He did the logo for Oh No Robot too.

There must be something about blonde men with ponytails that screams “webcomics programmer”; how else to explain the (recently shorn) Phillip Karlsson of Goats/Dumbrella? We already know about his abilities regarding chairs & malefactors and server maintenance & criminals. What mighty engines of (webcomic) creation might these two cook up between them? And as we all know, engines of creation are the flip side of engines of destruction! Those fools at the Academy laughed at you, but will they still be laughing when the mob comes for them? Revenge will be sweet!

Okay, might be time for more DayQuil.

that is a sweet-looking program!

my site already has RSS, but if it didn’t, I’d be tempted!

You must be sick Gary. This is the third article “Breaking The Self-Imposed Moratorium On Featuring Goats”.

Get better! :)

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