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Leap Of Faith

Another webcomic artist has made the jump from doing this after work to quitting the day job and living off comics. Everybody congratulate Goats creator (and Fleen publisher) Jon Rosenberg for taking the leap of faith. Buy Goats books and clothing so that Jon and his lovely wife aren’t reduced to fighting the cats for scraps of food. Also, so he can continue to buy me beer.

Jon has done many great services to the field, first and foremost producing a groundbreaking, smart comic. He deserves to reap what he’s sown.

Congratulations to him, as well as to Ryan North, who’s been making his comic his job for a while but is just getting around to announcing it.

Congratulations, Jon! Goats started as a clever, funny comic to reach its current form, an Obelisk of Awesome. The current (and previous) storyline are fantastic; Few can pull off writing a story so silly and yet so epic, with the two being completely inseparable.

(And is the universe’s source code based on Quake II?)

Oh man, ouch for me!

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