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Sick Today, So Let’s Keep This Short

Book announcements from Chris Baldwin and Howard Tayler. Baldwin first:

4/4/06 – I received the final proof for the Little Dee book today (meaning, I’m signing off on it). So yeah. very exciting, it looks really sharp. Hopefully it’ll be available sometime in April. :)

Anybody who’s read Fleen from the beginning (and goodness, that’s only about four months now) knows how much all right-thinking folk love Little Dee. The fact that this book should be available in mere week should either a) make you ecstatic; or b) reveal you to be a horrible person that nobody could ever love. Except Dee; she loves just about everybody. Tayler next:

I have held the press-match. It is beautiful. You are going to be very happy with your book. And if you pre-order it now, you can get it autographed for free.

If you’re quick, you can even get me to draw stuff in it.

Here’s the pre-order page. Have at it. There’s even a sneak-peek from the middle of the book there for you.

Tayler may be willing to go futher out on a tangent than just about anybody else to provide color commentary in his strip; looks like the book will have these asides in spades.

Thanks for the plug, Gary. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Get well soon!

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