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Well, Depending On Where You Work, I Suppose

Circumstances have prevented Tuesday Crimson from posting This Week! In Webcomics Boning; she will return as time permits. But because we at Fleen know you gotta have your boning on Thursday, consider following.

You may have seen that Clay has wrapped up Sexy Losers (gateway page that’s probably SFW, but click further at your own risk), which is a shame as now we won’t see the end of the Shiunji and the Suicide Girl story arc. They’ll be forever trapped between life and death, Yuuko unable to find vengeance and rest, and Shiunji never finding out if being dead yourself is all it’s cracked up to be.

Moving on from storyline particulars before they cost me a job someday. Instead, props to Clay — like all solid comedians, he understood the value of a good running gag, and it’s to his credit that he always considered The Funny in equal proportion to The Sexy. Given that he chose to work in a motif of explicit sexuality, one might expect adult aspects to dominate the work, but a surprising number of his strips provided only innuendo. Nudity, sexual situations, adult language, and everything else that moralizers go on about only showed in Sexy Losers to the extent that they made the gag better; if it didn’t need full-frontal, the strip didn’t have it.

Regardless of what you think of adult humor and situations, Clay provided a consistently funny strip over a period of years, his art constantly improved, and he honed his gags into what perfectly fit his (and his audience’s) expectations. Here’s hoping that he finds the impetus to pick up drawing tools again in the future.

Damn! I always found that a great comic. You summed up his work quite well. Too bad there won’t be a print version available.

God damn. I’ll miss it.

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