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Just LOOK At All The Colors!

Sylvan Migdal wrapped up Ascent at Graphic Smash today; the story had been steadily building to a climax over the past several months, and today it all came to an end. Up above you’ll see the first of many panels from the strip (you can tell how excited Migdal is about a given installment by how tall it is; today required 13 visits to the scrollwheel), and it’s immediately obvious that today was gonna be special.

Color. Lots and lots of color.

Since the first installment some two years ago, Migdal had restricted himself to four colors: black, white, and two blues. It worked well within his story, but now the main characters find themselves escaped from a magical (if nearly monochromatic) world and back to the planet that birthed them: Earth. Now we see full color, except for a purely black & white flashback detailing the very end of their escape. It’s like The Wizard of Oz in reverse.

On a side note, we heard pretty clearly at the end of last year that new stuff was coming to the Modern Tales family of websites, as free and subscription content would be offered side-by-side under the editorships of Messers Campbell and Burns. Hopefully, some of that content will be coming online soon, as GS is now down another reliably-updating strip, and many days Modern Tales can only muster two or three new offerings (and God forbid Shaenon Garrity gets hit on the head by a rock from outer space, there goes a big chunk o’ pixels).

So do yourself a favor and support more Federal funding for research into webcartoonist-extinction astronomical events, and drop by Migdal’s site on Friday to see what he cooks up next.

I remember being sorta bummed out when Mnemesis wrapped up (as the ending was sorta brief, and a bit of a downer.)

This ending, on the other hand, was just awesome. :)

Definitely eager to see what his next project will be!

I’m caught ‘tween the same rock and hard place that I was when WCN launched… I know Joey’s workin’ at it, is all I can sez, and until he gets the changes made, Eric and I can’t make ours.

But this ain’t really about us, it’s about Sylvan. The man’s got an imagination the size of the Crab Nebula, and on or off G-Smash, he should be recognized more than he is. If you’ve been complaining that all fantasy knows how to do is riff on the same old cliches, this is your guy.

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