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You Got Your Ninja In My Doctor! Well, You Got Your Doctor In My Ninja!

There’s a million reasons to be reading Dr McNinja, ranging from the Strong Badian Cease and Desisted! to the GI Joe-like morals at the end of each adventure. You got your cameo by T-Rex, punching snakes in the face (almost as cool as tasering them), shades of Evil Overmom, high-fiving turkeys (Can you high-five a turkey? Sure, monkeys got five fingers, but turkeys don’t … anyway, nice Eraserhead moment there.), and a shout-out to Cartilage Head. The strip fairly hums with crackling dialogue, occasional scenes of pure domestic horror, and clean art, courtesy of Chris Hastings (story and pencils) and Kent Archer (inks; actual deep, black, wondrous inks! A tracer!).

But more than anything else, you should be reading Dr McNinja because it’s possibly the first, the very first to explain why pirates and ninjas have such a storied rivalry. Everybody on the internet just knows that pirates and ninjas hate each other, but even the Wayback Machine can’t find a historical reason why.

Plus: giant monkeys! I have a friend who’s getting a PhD in monkeys, and she likes these parts a lot. And yes, she knows that gorillas aren’t monkeys, but are you gonna argue with a primatologist? Didn’t think so. There’s only one Monkey Doctor in this conversation, and her name’s Katherine.

Dr McNinja is actually disturbingly awesome, more than anything has a right to be…..

I thought you weren’t linking to this comic. Because of… *Jeph*

They grew up!

har har. overstatement of the year.

Also, Paul Bunyan. Nowhere near enough people go for the Paul Bunyan jokes anymore.

Oh yeah? If you think its so great, why hasn’t it been added to the “a good start” list, huh?

Oh yeah? If you think its so great, why hasn’t it been added to the “a good start� list, huh?

I can’t imagine.

ask and you shall receive.


I asked them to look at my comic. But they never did.


*fake moping*

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