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There’s something about Jeph Jacques that makes you want to be in a fake internet fight with him. Sure, we at Fleen decided to spite him by not reviewing Dr McNinja, but you know what? You’re not the boss of me, Jeph Jacques! At best, you are the Associate District Manager of me, which is totally not the same thing! All is forgiven, though, and Dr McNinja will seen on these pages soon.

The interest in the stealthy doctor may be partially attributed to meeting co-creator Chris Hastings last week, or to the fact that Jon Rosenberg of Goats (and publisher of Fleen, thus purchaser of my beer) is doing his best to pimp the Edo-era medic. He also tells us that creative genius Lore Sjoberg has a new blog over at Wired, but we’re not going to mention it. It’s pretty much been done to death that a website mentions a blog, which gets mentioned by another blog, which might eventually get cross-referenced by other sites or blogs along the same topic, even those by bloggers that don’t like the second (or was it third?) blog. So we are not going to perpetuate that vicious cycle which was identified by, of all places, User Friendly, even if the other blogs name-check me personally and cause my wife to ask, “Why would Lore pay attention to you?”

Instead, we’ll note that the Great Outdoor Fight has caused Ray to take a 90 degree turn with his personality; sadly, while you and I might hell of admire him for the way he’s grown, I’m afraid that he may end up shunned in his own world for ruining the Fight, perhaps even by Beef. In the meantime, we’re all just along for the ride.

PS: Lore has a new blog, and it’s heavy on webcomics.

Lore name-checked me yesterday, which led me to think to myself “why the hell would Lore pay attention to me?”

I really thought this was finally Beef’s time to shine. I love Achewood, I’ve been a fan since forever, but god damn it, I’m tired of Ray being the hero. He’s always the god damn hero, even though he doesn’t even remotely deserve it. Even in this storyline, he’s just some jackass who’s still a little sauced off Christian Brothers who needs to show off for his dad.

Some day it will be Cassandra’s day. Some day.

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