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Attention Art Lovers!

Admitted Dumbrellist Andy Bell is having a gallery show! Yeah, nothing new, guy does gallery shows all over the damn place, but this one is coming up soon! The day after tomorrow, you (yes, YOU) have the opportunity to wend your way into wildest Brooklyn and check out his majesty.

The promo posters exhibit Andy’s usual flair for whimsicality, with an absolutely sunny outlook on life. Honest.

So watch out for parasites and spores, and come shake the hand of the very scary man. Day after tomorrow. Here.

Any hope that the Fleen offices will be sending one of its intrepid NYC-based reporters down to the opening shindig? I would love to see gallery shots of Andy’s fantastic work on display…

Gary? Intrepid? He has often admitted to being a lazy, lazy man. But I suppose that’s not completely incompatible with intrepidity.

That’s probably an admirable quality, in fact…to be “intrepidly lazy”.

By God, you’re not gonna take crap from *anyone* for laying on that couch and watchin’ Rachel Ray make calzones.

Also, Gary is not NYC based…

He’s from Jersey. Are you from Jersey?

Nope. But apparently I am intrepidly lazy, or I would’ve remembered that Gary is from Jersey! Sorry about that, Gary!

And a doff of the cap to Andy for the upcoming show…

Bah. It’s all the same city in any case.

Kinda like how Connecticut is a suburb of NY?

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