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It’s Monday, We Got Stuff

It’s here. Order!

Elizabeth Dean sends us the following:

Real Life Comics has left their publisher, Starline Multimedia, in order to “break out” on their own.

San Francisco, CA – March 13th , 2006 – After two years of partnership, Real Life Comics has decided to end their contract with their publisher, Starline Multimedia.

Real Life Comics is already working on building a new e-commerce store where new and old Real Life Comics merchandise can be purchased. A launch date has not been set, but they hope to have the store running by the beginning of May. Real Life Comics is hoping that this opportunity will allow smoother transactions for customers and perhaps some new features that were not feasible during their time with Starline Multimedia.

Watch in the weeks to come for more details.

For questions, please contact Elizabeth Dean at liz [at]

Coming on the heels of our discussion of aligning one’s webcomic with larger companies or going the DIY route, that appears to be one vote for doing it yourself. Future shifts of webcomics will be noted on this page.

Speaking of the discussion of syndication, your questions for Dave Kellett have been received and will be forwarded anon; the guy’s busy at SxSW teaching bloggers how to make money. If you got anything good, Dave, we’re all ears. Also, there were several requests for a larger version of the graphic included in part 2 of the interview. Here y’go.

Speaking of Dave Kellett, I know that lead times to syndicates are weeks long, but I’m going to pretend that our recent review and general (ha, ha!) pro-Zod stance had something to do with today’s Sheldon; check it out before the archive times out. What are you waiting for? KNEEL!

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