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Miscellaneous Items Of Note

Several worthy items today, campers, so let’s dive right in.

Firstly, if you didn’t scroll down far enough yesterday, you may have missed the debut column by the scintillating Ms Tuesday Crimson. To silence the mutterings I hear in the dark corners of the internet, no, I didn’t write that. For starters, Gary Tyrrell does not refer to himself in the third person. Ms Crimson is a real-life girl, and will be bringing us all the news of webcomics boning each Thursday.

Secondly, if you did miss Ms Crimson, it’s likely because you got caught up in the conclusion of Dave Kellett’s interview on syndication. He was brutally honest about how he sees the various models working for comics artists in general, and for himself in particular. Don’t forget to send in your followup questions for Mr Kellett.

Thirdly, because it’ll piss off this guy, the new Wigu book, The Case of the Missile Crisis, is coming so soon you can practically taste it. Jeff Rowland tells us that preorders will go live with the next update to Overcompensating, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers on the browser refresh button.

Fourthly, the collected population of Webcomicistan offers its collective explression of relief that Roast Beef is alive and well. Repeat: RB is OK. In fact, as of this writing, links to Achewood are non-responsive, no doubt due to the overwhelming press of well-wishers. But how long can this happiness last?

Mostly, Fleen would like to thank founding contributor Jeff Lowrey for his posts to date. Circumstances dictate that Jeff start running in Deep Cover mode for a while, but we hope to see him pop up from time to time and lay some prime webcomics commentary on us. Or phat beats, whichever works for you. Jeff’s posting privileges will remain in good standing as long as there is a Fleen, except in the unlikely case of a conviction. We salute you Jeff, our very own Man of Mystery.

Sooooo all quiet on the Western front? That what I’m hearing? Good.

See you Monday.

Sooooo all quiet on the Western front?

There appears to be a lull.
John and Jane Doe are sleeping well tonight, with their little thoughts inside their skulls.
Salome, she’s undressed to the nines. Although a few pounds fatter, she’s got Pavlov’s bells on her ankles and wrists, and she’s coming at you with her platter.

[…] From some digging, it appears that the author of these essays is named Jeff Knooren; I say “appears” because his name doesn’t appear on the blog page or as a signature to any of his posts, so I’m not entirely sure. Assuming I haven’t completely misinterpreted things, Knooren is the individual that I referred to as “this guy” in a previous post, which he’s apparently taken as a vile insult. Sorry ’bout that, but without a name to put to the links, didn’t have a lot of choice there. He’s pretty much got it in for webcomics critics (not my term for what we do here) and commentators (that’s closer) in general, and while he’s pretty angry about how we parasites have conspired against him (honestly, the first time we’d heard of him was when he pinged us to call us “industry heavyweights”, which is a gross mischaracterization), he does make an interesting point in his open letter: So, I ask you, where will I be the following week after [Fleen’s] trashing review of my comic? You and I both know, a full comic review from you, will not convert into readership for me, come next week. (emphasis original) […]

[…] There is no story, no lesson learned here. These are simply fun, delightfully dirty comics that appeal to the darker aspect of your personality. You know, the side of you that slows down to look at horrendous car wrecks and marvel at human tragedy. So go treat your inner devil, it deserves a good laugh. […]

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