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Because Stirring Up Shitstorms Is Fun

More of the discussion on syndication coming soon, folks.

But first, with a apologies to whichever lit-crit school it is that declares authorial intent irrelevant (I never learned those things; I went to nerd school), I draw your attention to today’s Starslip Crisis. Clearly, Kristofer Straub is taking the opportunity to kick T Campbell while he’s hurting and should be enjoying himself.

Proof: The character’s a southern “colonel”, and T went to college in Virginia, which is in the South. The character is a discusser of indie arts, that’s webcomics and indy comics. He’s named Samuel Q Breckenridge, which can be anagrammed to A BRICK DE MENSE REQ GUL: a brick de [French for “of”] Mense [typo of MENSA, T is a member] req[ires] gul[libility]. Clearly, an attack on T. For the sake of all that’s holy, look at the man’s tie — all he’s missing is an ascot that spells out “Campbell”!

It all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

The best part about this total burn is how hard you have to look for it! That’s what sets Straub apart from the rest of the drek.

He makes you WORK FOR IT.

When I first read the last frame, I thought they were talking about burying the artists. That would be amusing!

Dig your way out of this, Kurtz!

I’m thinking that Breckenridge is like a futuristic ASS-CHILD of both the Colonel himself, Joey Manley, and our man T. I mean, he has the Colonel outfit like Joey– but he has T’s magnificent hair.

I thought Joey wore a cape.

I think this belongs over at Drunk Comic Reviews. And can I have some of what you’ve been drinking? I’m out…

Posts like these are why I started reading Fleen in the first place. :-)

Posts like these are why I started reading Fleen in the first place.

Ditto. Plus, there aren’t very many blogs out there that use the word “shitstorm” in the title. And there truly need to be more.

I’m sure Eric will correct me on the details, but disregarding authorial intent makes this post more critically valid, not less.

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