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A Quick Dose of Manga

Crowfeathers is a pretty good manga style comic. It’s a bit mythic, it’s a bit western, it’s a bit fun.

Crowfeathers also is rather less PG-13 than it claims to be. There’s a fair dose of violence in most episodes as well as rape, murder and racism.

The artwork is fairly well executed in the manga style, and the writing is pretty decent. The characters ring true and are not too exaggerated. The storyline is fairly standard for the genre – a coming of age story where great events are portented and a young pig boy may grow up to be… well, okay not quite that standard. A young crow boy grows up to be an evil bounty hunter and is punished for it, but presumably will be redeemed by the close of the saga. Likely he will also resolve being abandoned by his father and fall in love.

It’s only rated PG-13 because that’s a limitation imposed by the webhost. The explicit showing of body parts is ommitted, and language is toned down to try and stay within bounds. Otherwise, yes it would be R or even NC17.

Crowfeathers is the best manga ever!!!I think everyone should know about it and I hope it will have loads more viewers soon, so maybe it could become anime!(actually I think that might be kinda wierd).It’s so good that I always sneak on to the computer to read the comics.(I’m ‘not supposed to watch it” because its rated PG-13 :P).CROWFEATHERS IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, well… read with your eyes closed, or something… Tho if your parents let you read/watch Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchemist, this shouldn’t be any worse than that. Not much, at least. :p

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