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We’ll See You At The Fair

By the time you read this, elements of Dumbrella (including this guy and this guy) and Blank Label Comics (with the scintillating Paul Southworth, sinister Kristofer Straub, kid-friendly Dave Kellet, tenacious Steve Troop, and gregarious Brad Guigar) will be doing final setup at the Jacob Javits Conference Center for the innaugural New York City Comic-Con (not to be confused with the nerd prom of similar name).

Fleen will also be semi-representing, with one of us (me) doing shifts at the CBLDF booth on Saturday. On Sunday, don’t forget to check out the panel titled The Future of Comics: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Where It’s Going…Online, featuring the abovementioned Blank Labellers, Mr Jon Rosenberg of Goats, and Heewoon Chung of Netcomics; room 1E03, 1:00 pm. Drop by and feel free to poke any of them with a wooden spoon.

There will be webcomickers boozing after (and possibly during) the show on several days. Secrets will be pried from the dark recesses of their brains. Interviews, book reviews, and compromising photos will be making their way here over the following weeks.

Plus! For those of you in Western Massachussets, there’s Llamacon at Simon’s Rock College of Bard. Check out the very sexy R Stevens, Randy Milholland, and Jeph Jacques while dodging rampaging herds of catgirls.

Wait, does this mean that you’ll actually have an opportunity to collect your backpay? That can’t be right.

Gary doesn’t believe in letting backpay accrue. He collects just about every week.

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