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That’s Some Good Hooch!

Hate Song. HATE SONG. Sing a SONG about Hate. Celebrate that you HATE!

Life is too short to drink cheap beer.

Move like some sort of jungle cat, silent… fast… strong!

Move yo Honkey Ass.

Get Back to the Yak, Jack.

Hop On!

Don’t be a hate monger, be a hate stylist!

Oh what a great comic. Just don’t let Barry experiment on you.

hs 4eva

Hate Song is baddddddasss.

the most kick ass online comic ever!!!!

this would be great animated!

Bad ass comic. Potentially so high in levels of rockitiude that it may cause over stimulation and in some rare cases, total awesome over dose.

I suggest everyone read this comic either intoxicated, with beer googles, or far away from sensitive electronic equipment, lest you harm yourself.

I agree with *reads name* EDWARD’s comment but I would also advise you to wear rubber gloves and make sure your ‘iccle’ brothers and sisters aren’t about whilst you read the potientally mind numbing sicnkingly brilliant umm… brilliance of this comic. Not so much badass as just twisted with a little bit of ‘fucking gaaawwwd, what the hell? WHAT THE FUCK?! GAWD!”ness on the side. I salute you oh fine comic, you keep me sane whilst I am entrapped in the hellhole box office piece of shit I waste 5 days every week of my life in. Without you heads would definately roll…

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