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Jesus Tapdancing CHRIST

This thread over at Websnark is in danger of turning into This Week in Webcomics Boning. You have been warned.

I totally did not need to know about Eric Burns’ condom adventures.

Oh dear lord.

My favorite comment from Kris Straub:

“I have to use a Glad ForceFlex(tm) kitchen trash bag slathered in canola oil.”

And yet, you are a stronger man for the knowing, Matt.

Hey, if we can clarify the nature of the vaginal orgasm, isn’t it all worth it?

[…] News: Fleen will shortly have a new contributor! Due to overwhelming response regardaring This Week In Webcomics Boning, we have obtained the services of an insider. Join us on a trip inside the seamy underbelly of webcomics: the booze, the drugs, the parties, the fast cars and faster women … each Thursday, all this and more will fall under the scrutiny of our very own Tuesday Crimson. Naturally, we will be protecting Ms Crimson’s identity closely, but trust us: she’s got the dirt. […]

If only I could convert that strength into something truly beneficial for the world!

Instead I’m stuck with all this peanut butter.

[…] Since I started writing this post, I came upon some more Fleen-erbation. From La Casa Comics: First off, Fleen has a new column called “This Week! In Webcomics Boning“. Much like this fellow, I don’t really like Fleen. I thought this column, however, was actually pretty funny. Until I noticed the columnists name: Tuesday Crimson.In case you don’t get it: the “Webcomics Boningâ€? idea started when Gary at Fleen read the Websnark post, Submitted without protection, which was in response to this Checkerboard Nightmare strip. Gary coined webcomics boning, and the response was good enough that they decided to make it its own column. […]

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