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Being For The Benefit of George Dunning

You don’t know George Dunning’s name, but you know his work; one piece of it, at least.

If you read this page with regularity, you do know John Allison’s name and his work; otherwise, we can’t be friends. Sorry. John’s clearly got a love for the lads from Liverpool, even including in his strip a restrained reference or two to the visuals of Mr Dunning.

But today? Full bore homage, complete with lyrics. Try not to hum along with Shelley if you like, but it’s tough. For all the delicious weirdness that has become the hallmark of SGR, it’s not easy topping your best efforts day after day. Says Mr Allison:

After shipping hundreds of items myself in the last couple of weeks, I was spent last week and didn’t really want to make comics at all. Out of desperation came this week’s story, 5 days that I’m pretty sure are my favourites of the whole run.

All webcomics creators take note: getting desperate leads directly to pure, unadulterated whimsey. Just thing thing for an overcast Wednesday morning.

Yay! Prevented from humming by deliberate Beatles avoidance!

…Five bucks says the mouse is chewing her BRAIN.

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