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He’s Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

I first heard about Josh Mirman because of Disposable Parts.

He wrote and drew Stubble for roughly four years, and Punks and Nerds for a little more than a year.

The last few weeks, though, he seems to have started to lose his focus a bit. Okay, more than a bit. In fact, despite some hints, it looks like he’s completely given up.

If we want to dig a little deeper into why, the evidence in his LiveJournal is pretty clear. Josh Mirman no longer wants it as bad as he did. It’s all about the money.

Or maybe he’s just gone completely crazy.

Here‘s the breaking point. Right there is where an artist loses his love. And it’s all your fault, Internet!

Haha, The blog is a personal view on trying to survive as a starving artist. If the comic stopped making funds tomorrow, I’d worry, and probably feel relieved!

The plot however is to joke about webcartoonists quitting in the middle of their comic.

I guess you fell for it? :O

Oh snap, etc!

I know, lame joke. It’s just really fun to play with “INFINITE CANVAS” in one form or another.

infinite canvas? how is four blank squares infinite canvas?

Looks like someone was burning out.

Four blank squares isn’t the infinite canvas. But the whole work unilises the blog post and the drawing underneath it which stretches that canvas past those four squares.


oh. i see it now.

not really “infinite”, but rather clever.

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