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Pee Time is Me Time

Some quick news from the Dayfree Press front.

Butter Nut Squash started updating last week after a several month long hiatus.

They are also selling a 30 page book containing reprints, new material, rants, and pinups. It was supposed to be released on the 15th.. but they don’t tell you where or how to buy it. I imagine they don’t actually want to sell any copies, just have them printed up so they can roll around in them ala Scrooge McDuck. Now, some basic deduction would lead one to suspect that it’s being printed by Speak Easy Comics, and is available at comic stores you can find using Comic Shop Locator. But SpeakEasy’s website claims that BNS stuff will be “coming soon”, and Comic Shop Locator doesn’t have a way to find out which stores have BNS stuff.

I think it was Speak Easy where they announced if your book didn’t sell enough copies through Diamond (the evil ones :) ) , they’d make it available online for download. Not sure if that’s the case with BNS—- that’s a killer comic.

So, in order to purchase this book, not only would I actually have to set foot in a comic store, I’d have to talk to someone long enough to get a special order made?


Unfortunately, I think that is a deal-breaker with a lot of people. Pasty, soft people who haven’t left the basement since last year’s Annual Nerd Mating Ritu– I mean, San Diego Comic Con.

I saw the Butternutsquash book on the stands this week at Excalubur Books & Comics in Portland, OR.

Uh, is that like sighting Bigfoot?

Yeah, if you follow the links and read Ramon’s blog it says it’s in stores this week– so that means they did pretty well with it through Diamond which is awesome.

So, does “pretty well with it through Diamond” mean “I have better than a 50% chance that any comic store I go to will have this book”?

Cause if it’s less than 50%… too risky for me!

Cause if it’s less than 50%… too risky for me!


You could always call your local shop and ask. If you have a local shop.

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