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Naked Capitalism

So, PC Weenies has been around forever; the archives start in late October 1998, which puts it roughly in the same vintage as Penny Arcade or PvP. In internet terms, that is geological-scale deep time. It’s a single-panel gag strip (without navigation buttons on the main page, but you’ll find them in the archives), with a focus on general computer/technical nerdery. We’re not here to talk about that.

See the panel on the main page over to the right? The one from the top of this post? Clicking on the blonde takes you here, which is our topic right now. PC Weenies, like many strips, offers its loyal readers the opportunity to throw the cartoonist a couple bucks. Unlike many strips, part of what your couple bucks can buy is an appearance in the strip. You get to consult with creator Krishna Sadasivam on your appearance and theme; when the strip runs, you get a hardcopy of the character design.

This opens up all kinds of interesting questions, though: How much to draw you as being much more attractive than you actually are? Or for fawning text that describes your vast intelligence, incredible athletic ability, and/or monumental sexual prowess? Can you contract for an unflattering protrayal of somebody you don’t like? If your character becomes popular enough for repeat appearances or sells merch, can Sadasivam keep all the dough?

Please note that I don’t have a problem with any of these things … I just wish that PC Weenies listed a proper schedule of charges. I don’t need the fame and fortune promised, but I do want to humiliate my enemies. I just need to budget my vengeance, that’s all.

You raise some very good points, Gary. Accordingly, I’ve revised the guest-star option to include a bit of legalese on the Guest-Star page to clarify things. Thanks again for making me aware of the implications.


No problem, as long as you’re still willing to help me destroy my enemies.

For you, Gary – not a problem. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

If I had a donation page, I would totally link to it right…NOW.

[…] Gary, Merch This page has written before on the topic of webcomic advertising. You got your tightly targetted ads whereby producers looking to meet up with a certain demographic craft campaigns with loving detail. You got creators who will offer up their own characters — within limits — for your message (or possibly even themed strips to carry that message). In a form of sorta-advertising, you can do product placement in the form of your own self. And then there’s Google’s various programs, including the rotation that you see on many webcomics. […]

[…] Also new, the long-running PC Weenies, which will cheerfully put you in the strip for a modest fee, is looking forward to strip #1000 in grand (ha, ha!) fashion. Wanna be in the landmark strip? It’s up for bid. Ironically, the 1000th strip extraganza is currently going for less than the usual guest-star fee; barring a last-minute bidding frenzy, this could turn out to be the bargain of the year. […]

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