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ALP guest week

As you may know, one of the strips that we here at Fleen like a lot is Alien Loves Predator. There’s a full explanation of its awesomeness elsewhere on the site, which you may wish to peruse.

Back? Good. Bernie Hou is running a guest week over at ALP, and it’s developing nicely. Yesterday’s strip (by David Malki) was visually similar enough to Hou’s fumetti that you might not realize it’s somebody else’s work. Today’s strip (from Zach Weiner) is drawn rather than photographed, and does a particularly good job of reproducing Abe’s speech patterns. Who knows who will provide tomorrow’s strip? It’s a mystery known only to the artist, Hou, and you, if you check back tomorrow.

As a long time fan of the site, it’s nice to see that this guest week is a large improvement over the first.

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