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And You Missed It!

Saturday was your big chance to be part of history, to join in the 70th annual Burt Reynolds day.

I remember the first time I celebrated Burt Reynolds day. It was, in fact, Saturday.

I was sitting in an odd little pub, having beer with Byron of Team Special Olympics. “Today is Burt Reynolds Day”, says your intrepid reporter, “You should participate!”

In a flash, Byron produced some bristol board and a blueline pencil, and had whipped out a number of extra fine quality comics that not only featured the man of the hour, Burt Reynolds, but also had wit and charm that made the entire bar fall on the floor and roll around on that sticky sticky surface laughing uncontrollably.

And I knew that I was in a moment of greatness and that nobody there would fail to remember Burt Reynolds Day, and that I had witnessed a tiny slice of history being created.

If only Byron had posted his comics.

P.S. Buy! Buy! Buy! (this message brought to you by D.J. Coffman)

Burt Reynolds owes me five dollars. I missed nothing. I’m protesting it.

Why do I need to buy that?


Why do I need to buy that?
You have to look at Fridays comments to get the joke.

What joke?

Oh, you might have thought I was being smart asking why to buy the Wigu book– i just thought there should have been a description of why to buy it. I’m sure that’s coming.

Don’t worry DJ, no one thinks you’re smart!

Hey Paul, don’t you have a book for sale now too? Damn, it’s the new hip thing for webcomicdumb.

I do, and it is!

Monday is the new saturday.

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